Restaurant Tila is a cafe and a restaurant that has beautiful views overlooking meadows and woods.

The restaurant offers a changing menu, as well as pastries, ice creams by Vanhan Porvoon jäätelötehdas (The Ice Cream Factory of Old Porvoo), craft beers by Suomenlinna Brewery and organic wines.

We cook the food ourselves, honouring traditional ways of cooking. We use locally sourced ingredients that are in season. We bake all the pastries, grind the flours in own mill and bake our rye bread using a hundred-year-old sourdough starter.

You can order a picnic package for your hike in the woods from the restaurant. You can preorder by email or using our electronic form.



Fried Halloumi from Hindsby cheesery and tomatopaprika Salsa G 7€

Three sandwiches, tomato-Halloumi, beans and smoked eggplant 7€

Salmon Soup 7€

Main cource

Creamy Salmon Soup L,G 15,50€

Warm Halloumi Salad G 17,50€

Porcinirisotto Owenbaked Tomato L. G.19€

Eggplant-Mozzarellagratin and pestopotatoes J,G. 18,50€

Tila’s Smoked Salmon, Chanterelle sauce, vegetables and potatoes L.,G. 25,50€

Lamb Fry, Smashed potatoes, Lingonberry, pickled Cucumber L.,G. 20,50€

Entrecote, Creamy Garlic Potatoes and redwinesauce L.,G. 23,50€

Children’s Menu

Meatballs, Tomatosauce and Smashed Potatoes L.,G. 8€

Sausage and Smashed Potatoes, Vegetables, ketchup L.,G. 8€

Fried Salmon and Smashed Potatoes 8€

Chicken Skewers, Smashed Potatoes, Currymayonnaise and Vegetables 8€


Little Cheeseplate G. 7,50€

Fried cheese and Cloudberryjam G. 7,50€

Owenbakedapple Ice Cream, Meringue and 
Raspberrypure L.,G. 7,50€

Pancake Åland Raspberryjam and Whipcream L. 7,50€

Blueberry Rye Pie and Vanilla Sauce L. 7,50€